7 Good Reasons to Go for a Massage

Massage is considered a natural and effective way to promote health. It relieves fatigue and tension after a tiring working day, counteracts excess weight and acts as a component of therapeutic and restorative measures actively used in sports practice. In addition to the rehabilitation of physical strength, massage has a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional state. What other positive aspects are behind this relaxing or toning procedure?

  1. Massage promotes immunity

It is better to prevent malfunctions of vital systems and organs than to treat them. In order not to allow diseases to take over the body, it is important to strengthen the natural mechanism, that is, immunity. This is facilitated by proper nutrition, an active lifestyle, the absence of bad habits, full sleep and, finally, massage, for example, in the Moncton Wellness Centre.

  1. Massage minimizes chronic pain

Back, neck and lower back pain are frequent allies of people who lead a low—activity lifestyle due to prolonged sitting at a computer or driving a car. Trying to eliminate pain, many people use painkillers that do not give a full effect, but only relieve discomfort for several hours. To get rid of pain for a long time and improve the general condition, it is recommended to resort to the help of Moncton Massage Therapy. It, in turn, will improve blood circulation and reduce muscle tension.

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  1. Massage soothes muscles after exercise

Intensive training is always accompanied by strong muscle tension. However, in order to get the maximum effect, it is not enough to hold a hitch, it is necessary to carry out a whole complex of restorative procedures. Massage followed by water treatments is an excellent solution. It will relieve tension, minimize pain and restore muscles faster.

  1. Massage eliminates headaches

Headache can occur in any person, even the healthiest. Headache occurs, for example, when the neck muscles are strained due to weak blood flow to the brain.  Taking painkillers is not an option, it is better to carry out a thirty—minute massage of the neck and shoulders. Massage in the temporal area or behind the ears will also help to get rid of headaches. It is important to remember that untimely intervention can be a consequence of chronic pain.

  1. Massage promotes weight loss

Massage Moncton can also help you in the process of losing weight. How does it work? Due to the fact that during the massage your muscles warm up, there is also an acceleration of blood circulation, due to this, metabolic processes throughout the body improve, which contributes to the activation of even the slowest metabolism. And with accelerated metabolism, a person begins to lose weight, as fat cells begin to actively split. In addition, massage will improve your appearance. During the massage, cellulite decreases, making the skin taut and smooth, without orange peel. However, one should not rely only on massage, it is important to observe proper nutrition, as well as drink enough water. It is also worth using special cosmetics and doing sports or just leading an active lifestyle.

  1. Massage lifts the mood

As already mentioned, massage not only restores physical strength, but also normalizes the psycho-emotional background. This aspect is associated with the increased production of endorphins — a group of polypeptide chemical compounds produced in the neurons of the brain. They, in turn, help to reduce pain and improve mood. In addition to endorphins, during the massage there is an active production of serotonin or, as it is also called, the “hormone of happiness”. Thanks to this, a person acquires emotional stability, adjusts to a positive mood and calms down.

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  1. Massage improves sleep quality

Quality sleep is an integral aspect of well-being and vigor during the day. To improve it and get rid of insomnia, it is worth turning to a massage course. It will relieve tension, reduce the level of stress hormones in the blood and help to establish biorhythms due to the production of serotonin, because it is he who controls the human biological clock. Relaxing essential oils, such as lavender, chamomile, cypress, cedar, neroli and frankincense, will help to enhance the effect of the massage.

It’s hard to believe, but one hour of massage aimed at relaxation, according to the degree of impact, can easily compete with a full seven-hour sleep.

The main types of massage

There are more than a dozen types of massage therapy, each of them has a healing value. However, the following types are most relevant:

  • Balinese massage involves a deep study of all parts of the body with the involvement of muscle tissues. It activates blood circulation, increases muscle tone and improves metabolic processes. It is recommended for reduced immunity, excessive physical exertion, increased fatigue, injuries and excess weight.
  • Swedish massage involves a deep impact on the muscles. It can be performed only by qualified massage masters. It helps to improve flexibility, relieve swelling and fatigue, eliminate muscle spasms, stimulate blood circulation and accelerate the recovery period after injuries.
  • Thai massage is a special kind of wellness, as it affects not only the state of your body, but also the soul. If you have a depressive state, then experts recommend this type of massage. Also, if you suffer from insomnia or chronic fatigue, then Thai massage is your first assistant to return to a happy life.
    Thai massage

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  • Anti-cellulite massage is aimed at activating metabolic processes, accelerating blood circulation and lymph flow, removing excess fluid, increasing muscle tone and improving skin structure. Thanks to anti-cellulite massage, the so-called “orange peel” becomes less pronounced.
  • Sports massage is an effective method of strengthening muscle tissue and preventing various injuries. It, in turn, is divided into three subspecies — restorative, preparatory and training. For example, training is aimed at improving muscle performance, increasing the mobility of ligaments and joints.

Massage is a great tool to always stay healthy, energetic, young. This is a real healing process on the subtle plane, which not all people can see, but only feel its healing power. After the massage, the human body becomes toned, healthy, cleansed. Back pain goes away, joints are developed, ligaments work elastically, the circulatory system improves, the body begins to self-clean, the person becomes slimmer, cellulite becomes less noticeable.

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