A Temporary Email: Secure and Reliable

Now everyone who uses the Internet in one way or another has their own e-mail address. It has become a mandatory attribute during registration in social networks, forums, various services and websites. People get their own mail, carefully choosing an address, making it unique and “beautiful”, but often they do not get pleasure from it.
Problems begin from the moment when the user begins to make mistakes out of ignorance – to indicate his personal address when registering on dubious sites, in contests, and various promotions. As soon as the address falls into the hands of advertisers, it is entered into a common database, sold and resold many times. As a result, people receive a stream of spam that is almost impossible to stop.
Of course, major e-mail services offer their own proprietary solutions, for example, in the form of spam filters. But they are far from being called effective. The fact is that advertisers and spammers also master new technologies and actively use them. Thus, once you enter your address where you should not have done it, you can get problems in the form of spam for a long time.

Is there a solution?

The situation described above is faced by millions of users around the world every day. All of them need a working solution to avoid spam problems. And there is solution- this is a tempmail you can get for free for a short period of time to solve a specific problem.
In general, the work of all temporary mail services is reduced to receiving an electronic mailbox, the address of which can be specified when registering on a dubious site. With it, you can also participate in online promotions without fear of receiving a fountain of advertising mailings as a generous “gift”. At the same time, it is important to clearly understand the level of anonymity that the user receives when using such services.
Of course, for those sites and services where we register with such an email, it will be exhaustive. But for the service itself, the anonymity of the user will not be as high. As a rule, service administrators can see the user’s IP address, region and city from which he makes a request to receive a temp mail. This must be understood and not build baseless illusions on this score. It is important how the service treats the received data.
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A little about temporary mail services 

There are a lot of temp mail services today. All of them have common features and some differences in functionality, ease of use.
In Internet voting, as a rule, there is a binding of the allowable number of votes from one user to his mailbox. If you want to get around this limitation, using a temporary email is the best solution.

How does the service work?

As soon as the service website opens, it automatically generates a unique email address. You can immediately copy it for pasting into the appropriate forms. If you do not like the offered address, you can immediately get a new one by simply refreshing the page. If you have your own version of the mailbox name, you can substitute it instead of the one offered by the system.
New mail is active for a short period of time from the moment of creation. This period of time is enough to go through and confirm the registration by clicking on the link in the letter. In addition, in order to make using the service more convenient, it is possible to turn on notifications of incoming messages in the form of a pop-up window or sound, which will not allow you to miss a letter even when doing other things in parallel.


The undoubted advantages of this service include the absence of a mandatory registration procedure in it. Temporary mail is very different from stationary mail. You don’t have to spend time picking free combinations manually. The server independently generates the address and it happens instantly. You can choose a domain.
That is, its use does not oblige the user to anything. In addition, it is also completely free. As for advertising, it is practically non-existent in the service. Special thanks to the developers for this. But there are answers to frequently asked questions right on the main page, after reading which you can use the service without any problems.
Letters to such boxes arrive instantly. In this case, you can simultaneously read the letter and view all available information about its author. If you need to create several accounts in a row on websites or social networks.
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How safe is it to use temporary mail?

As described above, user privacy is maintained at a high level by the temporary mail service.
It has clear indications that the service does not depend on anyone else and is not associated with other companies. Its activities are regulated exclusively by the norms of the law. The user can be sure that his data, once at the disposal of the service, will not be transferred or sold to the side. This is guaranteed by the algorithms used for their processing.
Only the users have access to their own emails. The administration does not in any way control the content of letters and does not store them. Great attention is paid to protecting the system from hackers. For this, the most modern and effective solutions have been applied and are working.
Please note that such a free email can be used either as a mirror to your main mailbox, or as a completely independent address.
As you can see, there are many advantages to using temporary mail. And with the help of these services, you can forever forget about spam and always securely open access to the information you need. You can register on the sites as many times as you want absolutely safely and quickly.
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