Ayurveda – the Science of Life

This type of alternative medicine is more than five thousand years old. Ayurveda came from the East – from India and is actively gaining followers in the West. At the same time, you no longer have to go to India to touch this amazing science. Just take advantage of the opportunity of medicine shipping from India to Canada.

In Sanskrit, “Ayurveda” means “the science of life.” It is a traditional medicine of India. Today it has nothing to do with religion. Still, according to legend, Ayurveda was part of the revelation of the holy sages, who began to transmit medical knowledge from generation to generation. The progenitor of the practice is considered to be Dhanvantari – the god of medicine in Hinduism, one of the earthly incarnations of Vishnu. He had knowledge of the antiseptic properties of turmeric, the ability of salt to treat wounds, understood medicinal herbs and surgery.

This medical system considers a person’s connection with the entire universe. Since childhood, every person has five elements: space, air, fire, soil and water. Their compositions form 3 doshas: the three basic principles of the Universe: Vata is space and air, Pitta is fire and water, Kapha is water and earth.

According to Ayurveda, the doshas replace each other twice in a day. They are biorhythms. Each of the three dominates a particular season of the year and a person’s age. The constitution of the body, emotional state, temperament, mental abilities, character depend on them.

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Main principle

It is believed that health is based on three pillars: sleep, nutrition, behavior. Food that is not suitable for body type, time of day, season and age, a daily routine that does not coincide with the biorhythms of nature are the causes of imbalances that lead to serious diseases. The disease develops in six stages. And only at the latter does it reach the physical level, when it is possible to do tests and make a diagnosis. Due to Ayurvedic diagnostics, it is possible to correct imbalance at the initial stage, and you can stop a disease with the help of nutrition, regimen and the use of natural herbal preparations. The goal is rather not treatment, but prevention.

Another principle is to treat not the disease, but the whole person. It is a holistic approach. Different people get different herbs, medications, physical exercises and procedures prescribed in order to restore balance to a particular organism.

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Essence in purification

According to research, about a fifth of the food remains undigested. It forms toxins that accumulate in the tissues. The disease does not come suddenly, it has been brewing for months and years, and one pill cannot cure it.

One of the basics of Ayurveda is detoxification of the body to restore balance. This is closer to lifestyle, not therapy: proper food, absence of bad habits, daily routine.

Decide yourself whether let Ayurveda into your life or not. After all, the positive effect of massage, proper sleep or nutrition is beyond doubt. At the same time, you can order Ayurvedic medicines directly from India. Learn more medicines courier charges from India to Canada.

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