Cleanliness is the Key to the Health and Longevity of Your Home

Cleaning of gutters from leaves and debris is a mandatory procedure for private houses equipped with drainage systems. Foliage and needles fall into the gutters and clog them. This leads to blockages, stagnation of water, plants and moss appear in drains. Thus, leaks may appear in the future.

Extend the life of your home!

Cleaning drains and gutters protect your home and extend the service life of the drainage system. Cleaning the drains on your own is not always possible and convenient. It involves working at a height, and it is not always possible to carry out work from the ladder. Turn to best gutter cleaning Calgary.

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What is the purpose of cleaning gutters?

The drainage system is designed to remove precipitation and melt water from the roof, protect the facade and foundation from getting wet. This process occurs by gravity in a clean and properly installed drain.

In order for the process to take place qualitatively, the drainage system must be installed according to standards establishing the slope of the gutter trays. In practice, a slightly larger bias is used.

The diameter of the troughs and pipes, as well as the number of funnels, is also normalized depending on the roof area, its complexity, the length of the slope and the amount of precipitation. There are several types of drainage systems, and only the service of the professional Gutter Cleaning in Calgary knows how to handle them.

Why do blockages of the drainage system and leaks happen?

  • Design and installation errors — the diameter and slope of the gutters does not match the parameters of the roof;
  • Deformation of troughs with the formation of hollows that make it difficult to drain water;
  • Presence of dominant trees near the house, abundantly filling the gutters with fallen foliage, needles and branches.

All this does not allow the water to leave the drainage system completely. There is a clogging of funnels and gutters, which in a year or two turns into a favorable soil for plants. The plants take root, and the gutters turn into real beds for plants. The water no longer leaves at all, but flows to the facade of the house. Gutter cleaning and repairs Calgary is urgently needed!

Professionals can quickly and safely clean gutters

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Gutter cleaning services will allow you:

  • not to risk your health by working at height;
  • to save your time and effort;
  • to get a clean drainage system.

How often should drains and gutters be cleaned?

Cleaning of gutters should be carried out once a year or in the presence of the following symptoms: debris is visible in the troughs, water leaves the system poorly, flows past gutters and downspouts. In such cases, opt for downspout cleaning Calgary.

Regular cleaning is best done in autumn, when the foliage has already fallen. Thanks to this, the amount of ice-slick in the gutters and pipes will decrease in winter. If the drains have been cleaned for a long time, land and vegetation have already appeared in them, there is no need to wait. Order eavestrough cleaning Calgary right now!

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