How Renting Equipment Helps Save the Nature

Those who are planning to go hiking for the first time are faced with a pressing question: should they buy camping equipment or rent it from Rentovault?

Why is buying camping equipment not always a good idea? If you have never been hiking before and you are just going on your first active holiday, there is a risk that you will not like this pastime. In this case, the money spent on specialized equipment will be thrown away.

You also cannot exclude the possibility that you will not be so passionate about tourism that the purchase of equipment justifies itself and pays for itself. In all the described cases, renting equipment helps.

But it is also worth noting a great topic for discussion regarding the rental of camping equipment – this is an environmental issue.

Think about the environment first

Our main task is to introduce and make a variety of people fall in love with nature. And to achieve this, accessibility is, above all, important. The ability to rent equipment makes hiking, skiing or rock climbing a more accessible pleasure.

Think about the environment first

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The production of new products is associated with serious environmental consequences that can no longer be ignored. Manufacturing things on an industrial scale is associated with the release of huge amounts of greenhouse gases, the excess of which is the main cause of climate change. Most purchased goods do not stay long in the useful use of their owners, quickly ending their journey in the trash, thus accumulating a waste mass that is scattered throughout the planet or concentrated in landfills of such sizes that some are visible even from space. Not to mention the pollution of the environment near production, from which both animals and people suffer, the production of things requires a huge amount of resources, which we take as if from an inexhaustible source, forgetting that these reserves have limits.

Consider some factors when buying things

We consume without thinking about the consequences, often buying things simply out of habit, without any particular need to acquire them. And when faced with the real need to buy something, we experience difficulties not from a lack of offers, but from their excess; we spend precious time sorting through and comparing dozens of different options in order to choose the best one.

The level of consumption can be dangerous for the environment

Today it becomes clear that we will not be able to maintain for long the level of consumption that we enjoy right now. This is not only dangerous for the climate and the environment, but also means that people will not be able to access basic necessities in the future. Large businesses and some governments are seeking to change this by exploring and implementing alternative business models that both meet demand and are less damaging to the environment. One of the largest industries striving to achieve these goals is the rental sector. The rental industry is at the heart of a more sustainable economic model, allowing production to be reduced without creating problems associated with shortages of the things people need.

In addition to reducing the negative impact on the environment, camping rental has a number of significant advantages:

  • Renting equipment saves both the planet’s resources

Outdoor gear rental companies are revolutionizing the outdoor recreation industry. Various outdoor activities, which until recently were only available to those who could afford expensive equipment, are now available to everyone.

For example, in order to comfortably go on a week-long hike, a family of four needs to purchase equipment worth hundreds of dollars. But let’s face it: for someone who practices camping life once or twice a year, such expenses simply do not make sense! Renting equipment allows you to reduce the cost of your adventures tenfold. And the money saved can allow you to travel longer, further and more often.

But cost is not the only argument in favor of equipment rental. Renting is a way and opportunity to make more informed consumer choices. By buying less, you reduce your own environmental footprint and thus help conserve our planet’s invaluable resources.

  • Renting equipment provides the opportunity to try, get involved, quit and try again without serious financial investments

The growing rental industry provides beginners with easy access to quality gear. If you’re at that glorious stage where you’re trying out different sports, looking for one that will captivate you into its world, renting is the way to go! After all, it gives you the opportunity to try new, unfamiliar activities without shelling out a lot of money on equipment that you may end up collecting dust in the farthest corner of your home.

Equipment rental allows you to get down to business here and now. Yes, of course, selecting and learning the necessary equipment can be, for some people, a great pleasure, but theoretical knowledge, as always, is very different from practical experience. And experience usually radically changes the ideas about the subject that were formed during preliminary training. So why not go and try it?!

Equipment rental

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  • Rental allows a beginner to immediately use quality equipment, bypassing the stage of using “single-use equipment”

We all once started our journey in rock climbing, mountaineering or alpine skiing with our first acquaintance. And they often started with not the highest quality equipment. Those of us who were lucky and the inappropriate equipment did not completely discourage us from continuing our studies, remained on this path, discovering the depth of sensations that comes only with a sufficient level of mastery of the intricacies of the process.

Renting allows you to get down to business using high-quality, not “disposable” equipment, which will make it easier to get acquainted with a new sport, and not overshadow it, leaving not entirely objective value judgments and false feelings about the process of mastering unfamiliar movements. Cheap equipment bought “for one time” often contributes to the first time being the last.

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