How to Build a Swimming Pool at Home

Now making a pool in the yard is not a problem. And there are many options: from simple inflatable ones that only need to be filled with water, to design projects.

Types of pools

There are inflatable, frame and stationary pools.

Inflatable pool

An inflatable pool is the easiest option. They buy it if they don’t want to spend money on an expensive pool and when there is not enough space on the site. They also take inflatable pools for children: so, the child can safely swim in a shallow bowl and not hit the walls of the pool.

Such a pool is small, usually from 0.85 to 4 m in diameter. It can be placed anywhere on the site, and complex cleaning and heating systems are not required. All you need is to pump the pool with an air pump and fill it with water, so swimming pool installation is easy.

Frame pool

Frame pools are chosen when they are not satisfied with a flimsy inflatable pool, and there is no possibility to build a stationary pool. At the same time, the frame version may not be inferior in size to the stationary one.

With proper operation, the frame pool will last up to 10 years. For inground pool installation you do not need to dig a pit and lay pipes. It is enough to choose a suitable place on the site, assemble the supporting frame and fix the bowl inside it. After filling with water, a filter pump is connected to it. It is also necessary to find a pool service near me, so that in case of a breakdown, you can quickly seek help.

Depending on the size and complexity of the pool, its assembly can take from several hours to two days. If you don’t want to bother yourself, you can call pool installers.

Stationary swimming pool

Stationary pools are installed in hotels, SPA centres and water parks. The same can be done on your site.

A stationary pool is chosen, as a rule, by wealthy people who have a lot of space in the yard. If you install a pavilion over the pool, you can swim even in winter.

For the construction of a stationary swimming pool, it is worth contacting a company of pool contractors near me. They will make a competent project taking into account everything necessary: equipment for heating and filtration, lighting, pool film and additional options such as a hot tub.

Then the design drawings with all the dimensions and design features of the pool are handed over to the pool builders. Often the company offers its team of workers to the customer, but you can also hire workers not from the company, but according to the reviews of friends or relatives.

under the water in pool

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Types of stationary pools

Stationary pools are overflow and skimmer. They differ in the technology of construction and water purification.

Skimmer pools

Skimmer pools are so called because of the method of water purification. A skimmer is a small square device similar to a window that is placed underwater. It collects dirt from the top layer of water, which is clogged the most. After that, the water passes through the purification system, heats up and returns through the nozzles to the pool.

In addition, a bottom drain is installed in stationary pools. It is located in the deepest part of the pool and is needed in order to quickly drain the water. It also picks up dirt from the bottom, and this water goes into the filter pump. The skimmer cleans about 75% of the water, and the bottom drain cleans the rest.

On private plots, skimmer pools are most often equipped — because of a simpler design. Its price without installing a hot tub, an «artificial wave» attraction and other bells and whistles will cost about £10,000.

This pool cost includes all design and construction work: excavation of the pit, contacting pool suppliers and making communications, installation of formwork, pouring concrete, as well as subsequent finishing, installation of filters and water heating.

Overflow pools

In the overflow pool, the water is at the level of the sides. Such a pool looks beautiful in a hotel, but it will be one and a half to two times more expensive to build it.

The fact is that the cleaning system here is arranged differently: all the dirt is pushed onto the surface of the pool and poured into special troughs located along its perimeter. Dirty water enters the reserve tank, where it is cleaned by a filter, and it is piped back into the pool.

Such a system purifies water better than a skimmer, but its installation will cost more. In addition, you will have to dig an additional pit where dirty water will be cleaned.

Due to the high cost of overflow pools, they are almost not made in private homes – only in hotels, SPA centres and sports complexes.

swimming pool inside the room

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How to build a stationary swimming pool

To begin with, you should contact a pool constructor that specializes in the construction of swimming pools in the backyard. First, the customer and the manager approve the shape, size, coverage of the pool, installation of additional equipment: hydro-massage nozzles, jacuzzi, artificial wave and other things. And then the company makes an estimate. If the client is satisfied with everything, then the parties sign the contract. Then the specialists design the pool and prepare all the technical documentation.

Pool builders near me can be hired independently, or use a team from the company.

Pool cleaning costs

Any pool requires care, whether inflatable, frame or stationery. The easiest way is with small inflatable pools: it is enough to change the water every three days and clean up the garbage with a net.

In stationary pools, the filter pump is connected to the water supply system, and for inflatable and frame pools it can be purchased separately. Usually there are outlets on the pool bowl to which the pump hoses are attached.

It is also necessary to find pool repair near me to solve the problem quickly. Most often, the company that carried out the pool installation near me, will offer you their services.

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