How to Choose the Right Rings for Women

Women’s hands are decorated not only with beautiful, well-groomed skin and a well-done manicure. Jewelry make them delicate and sophisticated. Properly selected rings complete the look.

How to choose the right ring

When choosing jewelry in a special store, for example Kingdom Fine Jewelry, you need to consider a number of factors:
  • woman’s age;
  • the shape of the palm and fingers;
  • size.
When choosing a ring, it is important to consider not only the time of year, but also the time of day. In summer, fingers may be slightly thicker than in winter, and in the morning and evening the rings fit tighter than during the day. If the ring fits perfectly during the day, then you have chosen the right size. It is more reliable to determine the size in a jewelry store.

Take age into account

It is better for girls to choose thin rings that are simple in design and have small inserts of minerals. Wide rings with large stones on the young beauty’s hand look out of place.
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Small rings attract attention with their grace, emphasizing the beauty of young skin.
Massive rings with large stones look good on the hands of mature women. They can distract attention from aging skin.

Pay attention to the product design

Women with thin fingers should pay attention to rings with a horizontal design and massive jewelry.
Women with long and thin fingers are especially lucky. Almost all rings look great on their hands (with the exception of too thin ones, which simply get lost on the hand).
The situation is more complicated with short and chubby fingers. In this case, you should forget about wide rings with inserts of large round stones. A ring made in a vertical or asymmetrical design, as well as rings with triangular stones, will help to visually lengthen your hand.
Women with wide joints need to choose wide rings with large minerals that can visually reduce the size of their joints. Elongated rings will help reduce the width of your palm.

Big question

If you are choosing a ring for your thumb, do not be alarmed that it may have difficulty “fitting” already on the first phalanx. A little effort – and the ring fits perfectly into the middle of the finger – and does not cause any discomfort. This is due to the special structure of the thumb. It is important, however, that you can remove the jewelry without the help of a stranger or a bar of soap.

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Fits well

If the ring you like has a slightly curved (rounded) inner surface, you don’t have to worry about the fluctuations in finger size mentioned at the beginning of the article that arise due to weather or other conditions.

The least

Prefer to wear a ring on your pinky finger? This finger is not as active as the others and therefore its movements are not as controlled. To prevent the ring from falling off your finger, make sure that its girth is tighter – choose the smallest of two “almost identical” sizes.
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