How to protect your data on the Internet?

Often many of us hear about the need to periodically use a VPN.  However, not all of us know the importance of this resource and, in general, what it is needed for.  Therefore, today we will understand this.

VPN abbreviation stands for “Virtual Privat Network”.  This is the collective name for a group of technologies that impose a new, secure connection on the user’s Internet connection.

Each computer connected to the network has its own IP address.  It contains information about the location of the device.  VPN services replace the computer’s current IP address with an address from a different region.  All data received and sent by the user with an active VPN connection is transmitted to the communication channel in encrypted form, which ensures complete confidentiality and security.  It’s important to remember to use only trusted services like VPN Services for Nvidia Shield TV.

What is it for

The technology appeared just a few years after the popularization of the Internet, its original function was to ensure the security of networks of large enterprises.  During its existence, the types of encryption have changed, the speed of work has increased.

Today, based on VPN technology, they implement:

  1. Secure remote access to information via an encrypted channel.
  2. This is relevant for organizations that process and send information with limited access. If employees need to send data to another department, it is not safe to use regular e-mail.
  3. Protection of information when connecting to open networks.
  4. If you do not miss the opportunity to use neighboring Wi-Fi and connect to networks in establishments, do not be surprised at data theft. When shopping online, use a VPN to protect your credit card details.
  5. Free surfing and getting bonuses.
  6. A number of sites restrict access to their content for residents of certain regions (have you noticed the inscription “This video is not available for viewing in your region” on Youtube?). There are also services that provide special privileges to residents of different countries.  VPN will be the right option for both situations.
  7. Watching TV programs.
  8. Residents of America and Great Britain can watch TV online via the Internet. Want to be the first to see an episode of your favorite BBC series?  Then you cannot do without a British IP.

 Benefits of using

If you use open networks and often make purchases in online stores, enter logins and passwords on various services – you need a VPN.  This is a convenient way out if you want to secure the transmitted data for personal purposes or for work.  The technology is also irreplaceable for those who need full access to the network.

Today, browsers or extensions for them are written on the basis of VPN, and special programs are constantly appearing.  For personal purposes, free browser extensions (Touch VPN, VPN Opera) are enough.  However, paid extensions are also used today.

There are several reasons:

  • traffic limitation;
  • the ability to choose the country, the address of which will be assigned;
  • quality of data encryption;
  • data transfer rate;
  • connection stability.

If privacy, security and freedom of action are your current goals, a VPN will be an indispensable assistant in your computer and smartphone. If you need to install add-ons, then you can safely contact

Protect yourself and your data now!

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