Losing Weight for the Wedding Right

Every bride dream of being irresistible on her wedding day. But sometimes extra pounds stand in the way of this dream. There is a small plan of what to do with it.

6 months before the wedding

This is the best time to start the weight loss process for the wedding day. In six months, you can easily lose a few extra pounds and tighten your figure.

And the best solution in this matter will be counting calories, not fancy diets. After all, the secret of losing weight is simple — you need to consume fewer calories than you spend.

Do not be afraid that this process will be difficult. You can simply install the calorie counting app. It will calculate the correct number of calories according to your parameters. You will only have to weigh the food and enter the data into the application.

Increase physical activity. If you don’t have time to go to the gym or pool, try to walk more. Use the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.

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As a rule, a Wedding Photographer Montreal is ordered not only for the ceremony, but also to create a photo album. Most likely you will not have time to achieve impressive results. But in order to be irresistible at a photo shoot, it will be enough for you to eat right and be active at the beginning of your weight loss 6 months before the wedding. In general, such a lifestyle will have a good effect not only on the figure, but also on your emotional state. The whole process of preparing for the wedding will affect you less, since it is the high consumption of fast carbohydrates that badly affects our nervous system, which is why we get irritated much faster and more often.

3 months before the wedding

If by this time you have not yet achieved at least some results, a little panic turns on. It is at this point that many women go on strict diets or begin to practice fasting.

This is a dangerous path. There is a high probability that the body, on the contrary, will enter the “black day” mode and will begin to preserve the fat reserve by all means.

Instead of dieting or fasting, it is better to reduce the consumption of simple carbohydrates: pastries, sweets, sweet carbonated drinks. Exclude fatty fried foods. Eat cooked steamed or boiled.

But healthy fats, such as nuts and fatty fish, on the contrary, should be included in the diet. This will help the skin and hair look better. But without fanaticism, do not forget to keep a balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Eat more fibre (vegetables). And try to have dinner no later than four hours before bedtime.

A month before the wedding

It is difficult to achieve serious results in one month. If the desired weight has not yet been achieved, it is worth reconsidering your attitude towards it. The groom fell in love with you, despite the shortcomings of the figure. Try to accept your own peculiarities too.


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A month before the wedding, it is better to pay more attention to the condition of the skin. Take a contrast shower. Use the scrub at least once a week. This will make the skin more elastic and give it a good colour. Then the wedding photographer will use Photoshop much less, because you will be irresistible anyway.

Drink more clean water and reduce your salt intake. This will help to avoid puffiness.

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