Lost your safe key or code? Some tips to keep calm

Anyone possessing a valuable item wants that item to be in a safe place. That is why safes are so popular not only in institutions like banks but also in private houses and apartments. In essence, it is a sturdy fireproof box or cabinet for storing valuables. The most important thing in the safe is the lock. It is a reliable lock that gives the owner the opportunity to relax and feel safe. Locks can be different: key, mechanical coded, and electronic coded locks. There are also various combinations and very exotic options such as magnetic or biometric locks.

So, your valuables are safely hidden, and only you can open the safe. Or can’t you? Unfortunately, life sometimes surprises people. When it comes to a key, you can break or lose it. When it comes to code, you can forget the necessary combination. What should you do?

First advice: do not try to break the safe and find the code yourself. Usually, safe locks have protection against attempts to guess the code. The essence of this protection is that after three attempts to enter the wrong code, the lock is blocked for several minutes. Take your time and don’t panic. Check if your code is really not valid.

Second advice: look at the documents for your safe. They can store the most important information that will help open the electronic lock. Perhaps your model of safe has a master key. In order to avoid additional problems, you should never store the documentation for the safe and the master key in the safe itself.

Third advice: consult specialists. If the code is forgotten, the documents were not found, or do not contain the information necessary to open the lock, you need a locksmith safe opening. The experts know what to do.

You can trust the company. The company for the urgent opening of safe locks does not get unverified specialists, there are no and cannot be locksmiths with a criminal past there. In any case, go to the company’s website, study the information, read customer reviews.

Before professionals start opening the safe, you must present documents and prove that you are the rightful owner of the safe and what is in it. The whole procedure is transparent and absolutely legal.

If you turn to qualified specialists, your safe will remain intact. Moreover, if locksmiths immediately offer you drilling and other methods of hard opening a safe lock, this indicates their low qualifications. A true professional knows how to open safe lock without damaging it.

You cannot use the special equipment yourself, as there is no such equipment on the free market. It is sold only to companies or craftsmen who have a license for the corresponding work. Professionals receive appropriate training and must have a special certificate confirming their skills.

Emergency safe cracking specialists can also give you useful advice, advise you on the condition of your lock, help you choose a new lock, or install additional locks if necessary.

If for one reason or another you cannot open the lock of your safe, do not panic. Stay calm and trust the professionals.

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