Positive Effects of Healthy Eating

There are numerous reasons why people switch to healthy eating. Nevertheless, most of us are guided by some particular goals such as to lose weight, to improve digestion, to get rid of unhealthy habits and so on. The truth is that not all but just a few actually understand that healthy eating touches nearly every aspect of your life, even if you do not notice it. So what are positive effects of healthy eating?

1. It Helps To Control Weight

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When you swap chips, fries, chocolates, and sodas to apples, carrots, cucumbers and other raw fruits and vegetables, you help your body to keep weight in control. It means that healthy eating not just reduces the risk of obesity, but helps to fight it. What is more, healthy eating reduces the risk of thyroid dysfunction and some other diseases that can affect your weight.

When it comes to such dangerous condition as obesity, healthy eating should not be seen only as the way to become more attractive and lose some weight. The thing is that obesity contributes to nearly 1 in 5 American deaths and healthy eating helps obese people not just lose weight, but to improve their overall health. Did you know that when your excess weight is associated with some health issues, reducing your weight only by 5-10% can result in lower blood pressure, improved level of cholesterol and lower risk of type 2 diabetes?

2. It Helps To get Flatter Belly

Nearly every person who ever tried to lose belly fat knows that it takes a lot of time and effort. Sometimes you can exercise every day but your fat belly will remain with you. So here is good news: healthy eating helps you to get a flatter stomach as it limits and prevents carbonation, excessive sodium, and constipation – factors that lead to a bloated belly. 

3. It Makes Your Heart Healthier

If you are looking for the best recipe for the healthy heart, it is less sodium, less saturated and trans fats, and less cholesterol. All these are components of healthy eating. So even if making your heart healthier is not your main aim, healthy eating will help you with that anyway.

4. It Strengthens Your Bones and Teeth

Healthy eating means that you feed your body with all nutrients it needs to function, including vitamin D and calcium. If you want to have healthy bones and teeth, these two have to go together, because, without vitamin D, it will be impossible for your body to absorb calcium. So when you hear that your bones and teeth need calcium to be strong, keep in mind that vitamin D is no less important.

5. It Helps Your Brain

Healthy eating is also good for your brain. It is not a secret that brain is one of the most important organs in your body. The brain controls the body and that is why it is so important to keep your brain healthy. And when you are looking for the way to help your brain stay fit and sharp, there is no better and easier way than healthy eating as it improves the blood flow to the brain, protects cells and feeds it with everything it needs to function properly and to keep the sufficient energy level.

6. It Gives You Healthy Smile

If you have any mouth-related problems such as a toothache, bad breath or gum diseases, healthy eating will help you to decrease them. Although healthy eating will not remove caries, it can help you to prevent it and this will let you smile brightly without any worry.

7. It Improves Overall Health

Healthy eating actually improves every organ in your body, as well as it allows all the systems function properly. That is why people who switch to healthy eating usually find out that they actually have more energy and are stronger than they thought. What is more, healthy eating supports your immune system, so it becomes easier for your body to fight diseases.

8. It Helps to Improve Your Mood

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Have you ever asked yourself why most of the pictures with people eating salad feature smiles? What makes these salad-eaters so happy? The answer is healthy eating. To be exact, it is salad created from natural products full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and smiles. So if you are looking for the way to improve your mood, consider switching to healthy eating. Also, note that foods rich in carbs and vitamins are known to boost serotonin secretion.

9. It Gives You Energy

Every bite we take is processed by our body to become energy or fat. Different foods provide our bodies with different amounts of energy (calories) and if there is some excess energy, it will turn into fat. For example, there is more energy (calories) in such foods as fried potatoes, cakes, sweets and soft drinks than it is in apples, cucumbers, carrots, and oranges. But can we say that sweets are better sources of energy? No, because eating sweets increase blood sugar fluctuations and instead of more energy, what you get is more fat.

So if you want to get energy but not extra kilos from the food you eat, healthy eating is the way. The thing is that it limits foods with excess fats, sugar, and refined carbohydrates to control blood sugar fluctuations and provide your body with constant energy levels.

10. It Makes You More Productive and Successful

For increased productivity at work, your brain needs quality fuel. So how can healthy eating help? According to a study published by Population Health Management in 2012, eating unhealthy food decreases your productivity by 66%, which means that reconsidering diet is especially important for those who are looking for success.

Healthy food can be seen as a great source of quality fuel for your brain. What is more, there are even some superfoods that can reduce the risk for the development of such diseases as Alzheimer’s or dementia. These foods are fatty fish and leafy green veggies.

11. It Helps To Get Rid Of Unhealthy Habits

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Making conscious decisions about the food you eat helps you to integrate consciousness into other spheres of your life. That is why people who switch to healthy eating are more likely to give up smoking, to minimize alcohol intakes and to let spot come into their lives. In that way, healthy eating not only helps you to get rid of your unhealthy habits but to replace them with healthy and beneficial ones.

12. It Delays Aging

Healthy eating is the best way to feed your skin with antioxidants that protect it against cell damage, as well it is the best way to keep it hydrated and moisturized. What is more, healthy eating can help you to prevent wrinkles. Eat more foods with Omega-3 fatty acids and enjoy the long-lasting beauty of your skin!

13. It Is The Key To Longevity

There is a connection between what you eat and how long you live. People who live in Blue Zones, regions of the world where people live much longer than average, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, choose Omega-3 rich fatty fish over red meat, drink a lot of water, choose healthy snacks such as nuts, avoid sugar and do not eat a lot of dairy products. In other words, healthy eating is a part of their lifestyle and that is hard to ignore its value.

Healthy food protects you from numerous diseases that can lower your life expectancy and that is why it plays an important role in how long you will live.

14. It Actually Tastes Better

Healthy eating is the way to discover you new tastes, new flavors, and new favorites. You can actually do it on a daily basis because when you exclude all the unhealthy foods, you can find hundred new ways to prepare a good meal using only healthy options. 

15. It Improves Cooking Skills

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Healthy Eating means that you will have to dip a toe in the ocean of various foods and their methods of preparation, so you will gain knowledge about various cuisines and will probably improve your cooking skills.

16. It Opens The World Of New Foods Or Makes You Less Picky

In terms of healthy eating, there are two types of people. The first type is made up of those who get bored of eating the same food on daily basis and that is why they start selecting various ethnic cuisines, introducing themselves into a new world of new foods. Nevertheless, there are also those who become less picky and prefer to enjoy daily portions of fruits and vegetables. It does not matter what is your type – you will enjoy it anyway!

17. It Changes Your Attitude Towards Junk Food

If you think that you need sweets or some junk food to feel happy and satisfied, you are making a huge mistake. The thing is that it is blood sugar that makes you think so. When you eat unhealthy foods, your body gets used to rapid blood sugar spikes, so drops in blood sugar level make you feel like you need another spike and that is why such situations are often associated with an unhealthy mode of eating. Healthy eating helps you to stabilize blood sugar, so you no longer need that blood sugar spikes and no longer miss unhealthy foods such as sweets and junk foods.

18. It Saves Money

Most of us think that healthy eating is expensive because usually healthy products come at higher prices. Nevertheless, you have to understand that when you switch to healthy eating, you do not need to waste your money on food that makes you sick. Instead, you invest in your health, so you fall ill less frequently, spend less on visiting your doctor and less on life insurance, as well as spend less money on medicines.

19. It Reduces Stress

When you eat healthy food and both your mind and body are healthy, there is no place for stress. Nevertheless, even if it happens, healthy eating has some good weapons to fight it, including Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and magnesium. These natural weapons help to reduce the level of cortisol, so you no longer feel stressed.

20. It Makes You Happier

The food you eat impacts your brain, including parts that regulate your mood. It is worth to mention that such condition as depression can appear due to the lack of vitamins or minerals in your food. For example, depression often associated with magnesium deficiency and the lack of vitamin D. It means that food can actually make you healthier and happier. So when you feel blue, provide your body with foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as fruits, whole grains, and vegetables and you will notice how the world around you and inside you changes for better. 

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