Should You Move to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular destination to spend your unforgettable vacation here. She is attracted by the fact that despite the small territory she is able to fall in love with her charm, beauty and hospitality. Some people fall in love with her so much that they are thinking about moving to this country for permanent residence. Thanks to the local authorities, there are comfortable living conditions in this country, there are conditions to find good job and business offers. This largely contributes to the trend of many foreigners moving here.

Pros and cons

The right decision was that before moving to an unfamiliar country, you came here as a tourist. However, the life of a tourist and an immigrant is undoubtedly different.

What pleases a tourist can upset a person who has moved to a permanent residence. And, conversely, what tourists don’t notice can be useful for people when move to Costa Rica from Canada. Therefore, it is worth learning more about the country from the side of the resident.

costa rica mountains

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The advantages of this country include the following:

  • Comfortable climate. Due to its geographical location, Costa Rica has a mild climate. The weather is pleasant all year round, which is not subject to sharp fluctuations. In winter, you will not be cold, as for example, in Canada. But in summer you will not burn in the sun and suffer from the heat, the weather is mild in summer. Heavy rains are also a rare phenomenon.
  • High standard of living. Due to the fact that Costa Rica is a popular destination among tourists, the country’s budget has a constant source of income, and tourism also allows the development of the country’s infrastructure. But at the same time, the cost of living in Costa Rica vs Canada is lower.
  • Stability. In addition to a high standard of living, the political and economic situation is also stable here. The state controls these issues, and also maintains inflation at a low level.
  • Criminal situation. Despite the fact that Costa Rica is a country in Central America, compared with the countries of Latin and Central America, the crime rate here is at a low level, because the government monitors this.
  • Investment security. There are comfortable conditions for business here, as the economy is stable, as well as the political situation. Therefore, you can safely invest.
  • Mentality. You won’t see sullen people here. Everyone is friendly and hospitable.
costa rica waterfall

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But it is also worth mentioning the disadvantages that you will certainly have to face.

  • High real estate value. Not everyone can afford to buy a house here. All this is due to the fact that EU and US citizens willingly buy square meters, from which the cost of housing for residents here becomes at a high level.
  • Poisonous fauna. The nature in Costa Rica is amazing. However, due to the warm climate, there are many different insects and rehearsals that can be poisonous. Therefore, it is necessary to learn which species are dangerous to humans.
  • Criminal situation. Despite the fact that the government is taking many measures, it is still not worth losing vigilance.

After getting acquainted with the minuses and pluses of this country, you will be able to decide whether this country is suitable for you to live in.

Photo by Samuel Charron on Unsplash

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