Top Low Sugar Fruits

Watching your sugar intake is an important part of healthy eating, so cutting out processed foods is a good thing to do. Nevertheless, you have to enjoy your food, so satisfying your sweet tooth is no less important.

When it comes to sweets offered by healthy eating diet, most of them come from fruits. Eating fruits is a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth, but you have to realize that fructose stored in fruits is also sugar and, in terms of healthy diet, it has to be limited. That is why we provide you with the top 10 low-sugar fruits you can enjoy without breaking the sugar bank.

1. Lemons and Limes

Lemons and limes

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Although it is difficult to say that lemon or lime can satisfy your sweet tooth, these fruits are actually among the lowest in sugar and can help you to add some fresh and bright taste to your dishes. You can use them as salad dressings, add them to fish or meat or make a lemon water to drink in the morning.

But it is not just about unique sour taste. Both lemons and limes are high in potassium, provide antibacterial effect and a whole host of immunity-boosting properties.

2. Raspberries

Top Low Sugar Fruits-2

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Raspberries are not just low in sugar, but also high in fiber, so you can include them in your weight-loss diet. What is more, raspberries are a great source of antioxidants and are belonging to the top of anti-cancer foods.

Raspberries can be enjoyed both as sweets or as a pairing to some meats such as duck. 

3. Strawberries

Fresh ripe red strawberries in country style enamel mug on rustic wooden board over white background

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Strawberries are known for their sweet taste but the truth is that these berries are moderately low in sugar. The sweetness of strawberries makes them a great dessert with a number of health benefits. They protect cells of our bodies from damage as these berries are high in antioxidants and phytonutrients.

4. Cranberries


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Cranberries are a great source of vitamin C, low in sugar and can significantly improve your mood. Just avoid drinking cranberries juices as they are often packed with added sugar. Better enjoy these happy berries with water.

5. Kiwi Fruit

Top Low Sugar Fruits-5

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Kiwi is not just low in sugar, but also a great source of vitamin E – an antioxidant that helps to keep your skin looking clear and bright. You can add this fruit to your salad or simply enjoy it with a spoon.

6. Grapefruit


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Grapefruits are popular in a great number of weight-loss diets and for good reason. First of all, these fruits are low in sugar. Secondly, they boost your metabolism rate helping to get rid of unwanted kilos. Thirdly, they make a great breakfast and provide enough energy for a productive morning. Just note that if you eat grapefruit to enjoy its weight-loss benefits, they are stored in its white bitter skin.

7. Avocado

Top Low Sugar Fruits-7

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Yes, avocados are fruits. What is more, avocados are actually among the most beneficial fruits on the planet. They provide a lot of health benefits, especially for women. Nevertheless, be careful and do not eat too much as avocados are full of fat: extremely healthy but still fat.

8. Apricots

Ripe apricots fruit on grey wooden table

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Apricots are sweet, yet low in sugar. Sich combination makes these fruits ideal for satisfying your sweet tooth without breaking the sugar bank. Apricots are great sources of vitamin A and C, and, what is more, they are full of dietary fiber, so you can use them as a sweet part of your detox diet.

9. Tangerines and Oranges

Sweet tangerines and oranges on table in bowl in room

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Everyone love tangerines and oranges because they are so fresh and sweet. Good news is that they are also moderately low in sugar, especially when it comes to tangerines. What is more, these fruits are great sources of vitamin C and calcium, so they will help you to keep your bones in a good condition and your mood improved.

10. Watermelon

Watermelon slices on sticks

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An iconic summer fruit is low in sugar, high in iron and is considered to be a great source of water. It is sweet and you can eat it without feeling guilty for breaking the sugar bank.

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