Top reasons to choose a villa in Croatia for a perfect healthy holiday

Before planning your holiday, you should not forget that a good rest depends much on comfortable living conditions.  Usually, travelers have a choice: to live in a hotel or to rent a villa.  Of course, there may be different circumstances, but if you want your vacation to be perfect, you should think about the second option.  In the hotel, you will be always among people.  While resting at the villa, you will feel truly free, you will be able to relax perfectly.  Of course, additional services are usually provided in hotels, but you can any time order the same at the villa for an additional fee.  The villa is a whole house that will be at your disposal for the all-time lease. 

Sometimes people do not think about renting the villa during the holidays, because such a vacation seems too expensive.  Meanwhile, there are a huge number of options that will not break you.  The villas differ in size, in the place of location, in the equipment.  You can always find exactly the option of a villa with pool for rent, which will satisfy you completely.

One of the criteria determining the cost of renting the villa is the city and the country in which the villa is located.  If you want to relax on the sea, while living in a comfortable villa with a private pool, if you want to enjoy good weather and have a wonderful choice of leisure activities, think about Croatia.  Excellent ecology situation, wonderful nature, beautiful ancient cities attract tourists from around the world. Here are the top seven reasons why you should choose a villa in Croatia for your perfect holiday.

  1. Nature and climate.

Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  Thanks to the geographical location, relief, and climate of the country, the nature of Croatia is diverse and rich.  Here you can see mixed forests, Mediterranean landscapes, and alpine meadows.  The mild climate and the healing air of the coniferous forests of Croatia are comfortable for both adults and children.

  1. Sea and beaches.

The Adriatic Sea has always been considered the purest sea of ​​Europe.  The European Environment Agency confirms that on the Dalmatia coast, one of the main resort districts of Croatia, the water is the purest in Europe.  In Croatia, a lot of beaches are marked by Blue Flags, symbols of a very safe and pleasant environment.  This is the perfect place for beach holiday lovers.

  1. Leisure activities.

Croatia is a great place for lovers of outdoor activities and sports.  This country has a huge number of various sports centers.  You can enjoy all sorts of water sports (water skiing, rafting, surfing, yachting), golf, tennis … Also hiking and mountain bikes are popular in Croatia.

  1. Walking and excursions.

In Croatia, you are waiting for many national parks, beautiful lakes, historical facilities, architectural monuments.  The ancient culture of this country will be interesting for people of different ages and having different hobbies.  In the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage, Croatia is located in the 4th place in the world. A nice bonus for the fans of the “Games of the Thrones”: go to Dubrovnik and Split to see the places where the series was filmed.

  1. National cuisine.

Croatia’s national cuisine is a paradise for gastronomic tourism and one more reason to choose this country for your holiday.  Meat and seafood, vegetables and fruits, fresh olive oil, and spicy herbs … Croatian cuisine almost always offers you a healthy, useful, and lightweight food that can be without fear of gaining weight.

  1. Health and wellness tourism.

Croatia is famous not only for beach recreation but also for wellness resorts, which are mostly located in the continental part of the country, on the Adriatic Sea coast.  There are a lot of thermal resorts in Croatia, where natural thermal water of unique chemical composition is used.  Thermal resorts of Croatia are open all year round, they are modernly equipped, the professionally qualified personnel are ready to help you.

  1. Prices.

Croatia also attracts tourists by quite affordable prices.  You can find a villa with pool in Croatia for rent from €900 to €3000 per week. At the same time, even in not expensive villas, you will have parking places, a private swimming pool, a covered terrace, a barbecue fireplace, and a summer kitchen, if you want to cook something yourself.  Luxurious options offer saunas, tennis courts, fitness, billiards, and much more.  However, whatever villa you choose, you will get a picturesque view from the windows and from the terrace, a place for relaxation and for more active recreation.  Villas in Croatia are also suitable for youth companies, and for the honeymoon, and for family holidays with children.

If you are planning an interesting unforgettable healthy holiday, a villa in Croatia is your perfect choice.

Image by Kookay from Pixabay

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