What is a Vacuum Truck?

Hydro excavation was developed in Canada due to its cold weather and frozen soil, which render traditional tools ineffective. Utilizing hot water during the melting process allowed oil & gas industries there use this new technique with success. It wasn’t long before the United States realized how safe it could be for construction projects too

Construction has dramatically changed in the last few decades. The industry is always evolving, which means that you need equipment capable of matching your job-site conditions and not falling behind because it can’t keep up with these changes.

It is important to be able to match the job-site conditions with your equipment. Progress is never stagnant, and those who have been in the workforce for a long time can attest that tasks are constantly changing. New methods of doing old things help to speed up work, reduce costs or improve quality while reducing labor hours spent on each project. To extract soil for laying communications or create a foundation, Vacuum Trucks were invented.

The main advantages of using a Vacuum Truck

Due to their compactness and versatility (the vac truck is capable of extracting both dry and wet soil), these trucks quickly began to gain popularity and fame. Where it is impossible to use the traditional method of excavation, the vac truck comes to the rescue:

– In the historical centers of cities, where buildings and communications leave not too many of free space.

– The Vacuum Truck is capable of cleaning storm drains without the noise and mess.

– Vacuum excavation poses very little threat, if any, to buried utilities.

– Adopting a reduced exposure approach to water and soil contamination will allow you to avoid costly clean up.

– The new technology will be a low-cost alternative to manual or other technologies.

– By using vacuum excavation techniques, the risks involved in exposing or digging around utilities were eliminated with a non-mechanical alternative. There are two methods of doing this: either by water or air.

– This technology allows for quick and precise excavations which require less backfill, less labor and causes significantly less environmental impact than conventional drilling methods.

The Vacuum Truck is a workhorse of the construction industry. It can be used for dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of value excavation projects – from day lighting to piling hole digging and everything else that falls between!

The most common of vac truck uses are: day lighting (practice done by exposing utilities buried underground), soil trenching/digging narrow trenches with cables/pipelines installed inside them; debris removal during post construction cleanups etc., cold weather operation which includes general site clearing

One of the leading companies in manufacturer and supplier of suction excavation tools, which offers both hydro and air versions is Gear Equipment Inc! Gear Equip has been on the market for more than seven years and is actively developing both the existing fleet of vac trucks and creating newer, improved and powerful models of this equipment. No matter what difficult task you are facing, a vacuum truck will always help you solve it!

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