Which Is Better to Choose an Infrared Electric or Gas Heater?

An outdoor IR heater is a heating equipment that is designed to heat the necessary area outdoors. Outdoor infrared heaters are used for heating outdoor terraces, playgrounds in restaurants and cafes, fishing or outdoor events (picnic, wedding, festival, etc.). The equipment is characterized by high efficiency and economy, can be used at air temperatures from +5 ° C.

You can buy warehouse heaters of any modification, it is important to determine the type of device in advance. The market offers a wide range of heaters for the veranda or for the balcony.

gas heater

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Types of outdoor heaters

Very often, gas heaters are used, which are mounted on a rack. Outwardly, they look very much like a lantern. In the design of the gas heater there is a special place in the housing for a cylinder of a certain volume. The gas equipment runs on butane or propane.

The devices are absolutely safe, they work on the principle of heating not the ambient air, but objects. The body most often has the shape of a cone, and the infrared rays are directed downward. The installation height is individually adjustable. For the comfort of operation, it is best to mount it at such a height that it is half a meter from the head.

Infrared electric heater

An infrared outdoor heater can be installed for the gazebo. Such a device is connected to the power grid. The device is based on a built-in coil that warms up to 9000C. The generated heat is projected onto a reflector, which in turn dissipates heat in a given direction.

The main advantages of an electric IR heater:

  • Lower weight compared to gas;
  • Energy savings of up to 70%;
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors;
  • Some models have moisture protection, which allows them to be operated in rainy weather.

Choosing between gas and electric heaters, it is worth considering the specifics of using each model. It is better to install gas heaters in nature, and electric heaters on the terrace.

Infrared heaters are in great demand due to the fact that they quickly warm up the necessary zone, giving off heat in a couple of seconds. You can buy installations on our website at an affordable price from well-known and proven manufacturers.

close photo of infrared heater

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What parameters should I pay attention to

  1. Power. On average, one device with a power of 12 kW is enough to maintain the temperature in an area with a diameter of up to seven to eight meters. If you take a device with more power, the heating area will increase slightly, but it will cost much more. Therefore, it is recommended not to order a model «for growth».
    Each kilowatt in a standard infrared gas heater is usually enough for 4-6 m2 of area. Calculate how much space your outdoor veranda takes up, divide this figure by four or six (depending on how high–quality a device you choose) – and look at the devices of the appropriate power. If your space is large, over 80 m2, then it would be better to install several IR heaters in it – so that the temperature is distributed more evenly over it.
  2. Housing materials. Some of the heaters are made of stainless steel, but some devices are made of ordinary powder-coated metal. They usually have a gray, not shiny color. Manufacturers say that their coating is resistant to any weather conditions, but the rains still corrode it over time. Therefore, if you have taken such a model, it is recommended to buy a suitable case for it or install it under a canopy. 
  3. Protection systems. Even the simplest models of street heaters today are equipped with an emergency shutdown system. It automatically interrupts the gas supply to the burner in case of flame damping. But not all devices have angle sensors that turn off the fire when the heater accidentally tilts or falls.

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