Why is tree care important?

There are numerous benefits of planting trees around your home.  This improves the aesthetics of the landscape, transforming it into a beautiful and tranquil space that is in harmony with nature.  It also creates a relaxing atmosphere that helps relieve stress and tension.  The tree-lined backyard is a great place to relax and unwind after a busy day.  Swings and hammocks can be hung on the trees for fun.  Planting trees in your home, in addition to relaxing and aesthetic benefits, has value in improving the health of the homeowner’s family.  Clean air is known to improve gas exchange in the lungs and make breathing easier.  Rest in the shade of trees can also help to cope with bouts of aggression, anxiety, resentment.

Tree care and maintenance

Trees need constant care and attention and the tree service Toronto can help.  Usually, tree pruning is done twice a year – in spring and autumn.  The branches and leaves must be pruned to maintain the beauty of the tree.  Pruning dry leaves, old, interfering and diseased branches, as well as forming a beautiful crown of trees will help your garden look neater.

Regular pruning of fruit trees in your area will not only allow you to be proud of the blooming garden, but also to collect a rich harvest.

Correct, regular tree care not only provides increased yields, but also prolongs the life of trees, maintains their health and attractive appearance.  Basically, tree care comes down to the following steps:

  • watering trees
  • fertilizing with fertilizers
  • crown pruning
  • weed control
  • protection against pests and diseases.

Hiring tree care professionals

You don’t have to prune trees yourself.  Since without experience, you can make a mistake and inadvertently damage trees.  Pruning should only be done by tree care professionals who are experts in services such as tree removal Toronto.  To maintain healthy tree growth, property owners should contact firms that offer tree care services.

Below are some of the jobs performed by tree care services.

Emergency tree removal

Various fungi, as well as the crown, weighted by overgrown branches, can harm both human health and his property.  Therefore, the issue of removing old and dangerous trees should be addressed as quickly as possible.  Even a tree that looks healthy at first glance, but has several heavy dry branches, can already be a potential threat.  Any strong gust of wind turns such trees into weapons of great destructive power.

Also, overgrown tree roots can become a danger.  This happens when a tree grows too close to a building and begins to take root under the foundation.  Tree care services have experienced staff and the tools needed to properly remove the tree.  There are several methods for removing trees and only an experienced specialist will be able to determine which one should be used in this situation.

Tree pruning and crown shaping

One of the benefits of planting trees is to improve the appearance of the site.  However, tree branches tend to grow haphazardly and require pruning to maintain aesthetics.  Therefore, owners of private houses must regularly prune trees and form the crown.


Proper watering is very important when caring for trees.  Lack of water leads to the death of the tree, it weakens, becomes vulnerable to harmful insects and fungal diseases.  The amount of water required for irrigation depends on the specific tree species, its size, and the type of soil in the garden.  Watering should be done in the morning or evening, even during rainy seasons.  However, waterlogging of the soil under the tree can lead to a lack of oxygen to saturate the root system of the tree, as a result of which the foliage can fall off, and the roots can not only be badly damaged, but even die.  During periods of drought and high daytime temperatures, it is good to spray the ground part of the tree with water.

Therefore, it is very important to take care of nature and especially trees, as these are very useful plants that not only improve the appearance on the street, but also create a cool atmosphere.

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