Surface Cleaning Experts

It is possible to extend the service life of any surface thanks to some manipulations.      At the same time, you can not wait for the onset of a convenient time of the year. Although some companies and homeowners do just that, experts from Como Maintenance Services are ready to come to the customer in any season for Pressure washing Toronto.

Pressure washing helps people to create a healthy and comfortable environment for living and working. This type of washing is used for non-contact cleaning of any surfaces, including building facades, concrete paths, paving slabs and other surfaces that are difficult or impossible to wash with a conventional brush or rag. Special equipment is used for this purpose. Such devices can be compact, or they can be washing stations where up to 15 working tools are used. Consequently, the use of such devices requires the participation of qualified professionals.

Facts about high-pressure washing equipment

Pressure washing services Toronto specialists know that these devices are designed for use at various enterprises and homes. They differ from household ones by high power, the ability to work at high loads and a number of other specific features.

Enterprises of different industries and households have different cleaning tasks. Food producers and healthcare need compliance with hygiene standards, municipalities need mobility and versatility, agriculture and construction face large volumes of pollution, and industry has difficulties of removing them. Homeowners need clean paths, a washed facade or a cleaned porch floor. Professional high-pressure devices under the supervision of experienced professionals can become a universal solution in all cases.

Expert principle of operation

Specialists Como Maintenance Services are attentive to details. They are ready to work on cleaning any surface, from any type of pollution: dirt, chewing gum, weeds, algae and other pollutants. Experts are ready to rid your surface of annoying graffiti.

Guaranteed quality of work performance is provided by modern high-tech equipment using water as a main tool. Hydrodynamic installations of high pressure from 500 bar to 3000 bar are used to clean surfaces from complex contaminants. The effectiveness of this cleaning method consists of such factors as:

  • Pressure (in bars): it provides the speed at which the water jet enters the place of contamination
  • Volume (l/min): it creates a mass of water that increases the impact force of the jet on the surface
  • Temperature (°C): heating the temperature to 90°C provides softening and dissolution of oil and fat-containing deposits
  • An equally important indicator of the successful operation of hydrodynamic equipment is the preliminary preparation of equipment, which includes:
  • Diagnostics: checking for pressure and operability of important assembly units
  • Picking: preparation of accessories and consumables
  • Setup: selection of nozzles for injectors in accordance with the required flow

The Como Maintenance Services specialists have many years of experience working with hydrodynamic technologies and are ready to select the necessary equipment for the implementation of the task.

Entrust the care of the cleanliness of surfaces to skilled practitioners, and take care of no less important tasks of your business, or just have a nice time the way you’ve wanted for a long time. And then enjoy the result of the work carried out by professionals.

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