What Gloves Keep your Hands the Warmest

You cannot do without gloves in winter. This fashionable and practical accessory will not only fit well into the image, but also protect the delicate skin of hands from wind and frost.

How can you find out what size of gloves you have?

It is very important to choose the right size: do not expect that narrow gloves will stretch. Still, you should not buy too loose gloves either: the hand will look large in them.

The size of the gloves is the circumference of the hand, which is measured around the palm. It is usually indicated in inches. It’s easier to determine your size: measure the circumference of the palm in the widest part, divide the resulting number by 2.54 (English inch) and round it. For example, the palm circumference is 22 cm, divide, round, done: size – 7.5. Still, it is better to try on gloves when buying.

Which knitted gloves are better to buy?

Experts recommend in winter to select warming gloves and mittens made of wool and cashmere. If you see a little polyester in the composition of the product, you should not immediately refuse to buy. Such gloves will last even longer than products made of pure wool.

Leather gloves

assorted-color leather gloves

Photo by Philippe Jausions on Unsplash

In your wardrobe, you must have elegant leather gloves. It is a real classic accessory that fits both a wool coat and a sheepskin coat. Models with wool lining are especially relevant for winter.Your hands will not freeze even at subzero temperatures and they keep the heat better. Their significant advantage is that they save well from wind and cold and at the same time look advantageous even with the strictest outfit. Still, of course, you should not engage in active sports in leather gloves, for example, skiing or skating.

Woollen gloves

These warm, cosy and soft gloves will be great companions for a walk in frosty but windless weather. Unlike leather ones, they will allow you to move your hand more freely. So, feel free to take a selfie in them at the ice rink or take a glass of hot coffee at the New Year’s fair. You can’t play snowballs for a long time: they’ll get wet right away.

Quilted gloves

You can at least snowboard, even make a snowman with these unkillable “fighters”. Give preference to insulated models with down or fur. Although such gloves and mittens seem sporty, they fit perfectly into a casual look – for example, with a puffed down jacket.

a person in quilted gloves holds snow

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

How to check the quality of the product

When buying leather products, be sure to check the quality of their coloring. Take a wet wipe and rub the product with it. If there are colored traces on the wet wipe, it is better to refuse the purchase.

Suede gloves are easy enough to examine carefully: whether they are evenly colored and whether the pile does not bristle in different directions.

When buying knitted gloves, check if there are any clues on them. Pay attention to the seams. Gloves with internal seams look more elegant.

Photo by Tamara Gak on Unsplash

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